• Trump's Counselor Says 2018 Will Be Epic in Immigration History
    Posted on : 12 Jan 2018  |  Category: USA Immigration ,
    According to Trump’s Counselor, 2018 will be the most epic year in immigration history. Kellyanne Conway said this in an interview with the Fox News. She said that Trump has been very strong and firm on stopping illegal immigrants that come in the country from Mexico. US President, Donald Trump, has a 70-point immigration plan that he will implement in 2018 to protect his countrymen and keep the country safe. Immigration ....Read More
  • Scandinavia Inspires and Plans to Immigration Policy of Canada
    Posted on : 13 Jan 2018  |  Category: Immigration ,
    For long, Scandinavian countries have been an inspiration for all other countries for their policies on gender equality, social welfare, coalition government, environmental policy, and public healthcare system. Just like India, Canada is also a policy-borrower, having borrowed policies to form its constitution from around the world. But the tables have changed as Scandinavia is now inspired by Canada’s immigration plan and t....Read More
  • Government of Poland Issued More Visas to Ukrainians
    Posted on : 14 Jan 2018  |  Category: Europe Immigration ,
    It looks like Poland is a favorite holiday destination for Ukrainians. In 2017, the Polish government issued as much as 1.6 million visas to Ukraine nationals. The Polish Foreign Ministry confirmed the number in a press release on January 24th, 2018. The visa rejection rate was only 3.8 percent. Together, all Ukrainians working in Poland, send a total of five billion euros annually back home. Most number of visas were issue....Read More
  • More Than 40 African Illegal Immigrants Rescued
    Posted on : 15 Jan 2018  |  Category: World Visa News ,
    Over 50 African youngsters were found in Algerian waters. They have rescued 25 nautical miles away from Beni-Saf beach, Algeria. There were a total of 48 immigrants, out of which nine were women and three minors. They belonged to different African nationalities including  Mali, Guinean, Senegalese, and Ivorian. They were taken abroad on the Algerian coast guard boat and were given all necessary care. All 48 abroad the tiny....Read More
  • Good News for Singapore Passport Holders
    Posted on : 16 Jan 2018  |  Category: Australia Immigration ,
    If you are a Singapore passport holder, then you are in for some great news. The Australian government recently launched a six-year visa, especially for Singaporeans. It is a multiple entry visitor visas belonging to the subclass 600 and will make it so convenient for regular Singaporean nationals traveling to Australia. If you travel regularly to Australia, you should take advantage of this visa as it saves so much time and m....Read More

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