New Australian MP Declares Immigration Briefings as a Top Priority

New Australian MP Declares Immigration Briefings as a Top PriorityOn Monday, Kerryn Phelps has declared an independent Minister of Parliament upon her emergence as the winner of the just concluded by-election. The former Australian Medical Association president is already on fire as she's made her intentions to request immediate briefings on Immigration. The powerful medical personnel who is the official winner of Went-worth said that she would immediately seek detailed briefings regarding immigration in the country. These briefings will include offshore processing, asylum seekers boat turn-backs and clearances of refugee security. Speaking to Sky News on Monday, Dr. Phelps said that in many countries of the world, faster resolutions are continually being found for asylum claims as well as faster resettlement options when compared to Australia. She emphasized the need to look at the offshore processes with thoroughness to be able to see why it takes so long and there are still so many people with lack of resolution. When she takes her seat on the crossbench, Dr. Phelps top priorities include getting people who seek asylum as well as refugee children off Nauru and taking urgent actions on the issues surrounding climate change.

Solution to Immigration Issues:

MP Kerryn Phelps' decision to find an immediate solution to the issues regarding immigration in the country. The following are a few:
  • Now, whatever the process is, it will be faster. No more hanging in limbo for asylum seekers and refugees.
  • More resolutions will equally be seen and
  • Better security for refugees
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