Canada Leading In Dominating Skilled Worker Migration

Canada Leading In Dominating Skilled Worker MigrationCanada is on a spree of becoming a nest for the highly skilled immigrant, as stated by World Bank. There are four nations which are marked as the most favorable places for inviting skilled worker immigrants across the globe, which are The U.S, The U.K, Australia and Canada. Canada managed to get the fourth position owing to its hike in the number of immigrants.

According to the report submitted by Sari Pekkala Kerr, William Kerr, Caglar Ozden and Christopher Parson, these four countries attract 75% of the high potential skilled workers from different countries. U.S. was alone responsible for attracting almost 40% of these workers while the rest of the countries U.K., Australia, and Canada comprised of the remaining 75%.

It was interesting to know that English speaking nations are likely to dominate further, predicted by paper. This increased a relative pressure on the countries like France, Germany, and Spain to attract talented workers to the country.

The increasing number of different universities, Techno based firms and high-tech research centers are the main reasons of increasing number of immigrants in these four countries. A fact came in as a surprise that a number of women moving to different nations were more than the number of men in recent years.

However, Canada is making more efforts in increasing its immigrants. It would be a milestone in the economy of Canada as its native population is aging which is resulting in less working population. Schemes like Global Talent Visa would prove to be a fast process for inviting such talents in the country, said by Navdeep Bains, Innovation Minister.

In order to Fuel the economy of Canada, it would have to reach a number of 450,000 immigrants over the next five years. Immigration Minister, John McCallum is soon to declare the figures set for 2017 for a better prospective and vision for immigration policy of Canada.

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