Atlanta Reacts Seriously on Illegal Immigration

Posted on: 05 Feb 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Georgia is one of the strictest states in the United States when it comes to committing crimes. If you drive without a license, you can get jailed, so you can only think what punishment is given to illegal immigrants. Phil Kent, Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board, hopes that Atlanta stays the least undocumented county for illegal immigration. Kent said that Georgia is a pioneer when it comes to legislation. Every year, the state improves its legislature to tackle illegal immigration, making it the most cooperative state with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. For the 1996 Olympics, many immigrants were brought in the state for building venues, but they never left, increasing the number of illegal immigrants such that Georgia had become a magnet attracting them. Let’s take the case of Nelson Avila Pia. He came to Atlanta from Guatemala in 2000 when he was only 15-years old. Over the years, he worked in the construction industry and painted houses to make a living. He currently lives on the outskirts of Atlanta with his sister and girlfriend. Pia likes the calmness of Atlanta and the opportunities it provides and says that it is dangerous in Guatemala. Pia says that he has completed dedicated himself to work and doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. But he was pulled over by the police a few times because he drives without a license. The last time he was caught was for his tinted glasses and was handed over to Immigration Customs Enforcement. He now faces deportation. Tracie Klinke, chairperson, Georgia Alabama chapter, American Immigration Lawyers Association, said that cases like these wouldn’t have led to deportation 18 months ago, but they do now since everything has become the fast track.

No negotiation

Taylor, Pia’s attorney, says that the legislature doesn’t see if the person has been living for 20 years with no criminal records. No matter what good you’ve done for the country, you have committed something huge if you an alien criminal. And, no matter what Atlanta won’t change the rules.

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